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NN Development Marcellus Rocks! 06/20/18 10:06:02

NN Development eleid: 12/20/17 11:34:29

NN Development How fun is managing your boat log online like this 12/20/17 11:28:17

Joe Tester Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!!! 12/20/17 11:20:48

Joe Tester Happy New Year! 2015 Will be Epic! 12/30/14 11:30:04

Joe Tester Happy New Year! 2015 Will be Epic! 12/30/14 11:29:58

Joe Tester You know it Jess! Lets meet up in Coronado for some afternoon drinks 09/23/14 2:58:10

Jessica Shimartuf What up Joe! Lets go do some fishing! 09/23/14 1:28:17

NN Development Today rocks! and if you don't know Jim you should! 03/18/14 5:22:50

Jessica Shimartuf Even I can make this look good. 03/18/14 5:14:14

Jessica Shimartuf I am one bad mamma jamma because I just caught the biggest fish ever! 12/16/13 12:32:38

Joe Tester We are having fun today! 08/09/13 12:31:11

Joe Tester Today is the greatest day ever! 06/04/13 2:37:43

Shindan Goji This is really cool! Hello world! I wish the sun was out today. 02/23/13 11:03:25

Jessica Shimartuf This is way too cool and I am having too much fun being cool! 01/22/13 1:44:43

Jessica Shimartuf Twenty years from now you will be more disppointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain 11/08/12 2:04:07

Joe Tester why do I have to buy a fishing licence at the tire store in Canada? 09/25/12 2:51:52

Joe Tester It is really nice to be able to find boat slips when you need them 06/15/12 3:11:58

Jessica Shimartuf A sailing ship is no democracy; you don't caucus a crew as to where you'll go anymore than you inquire when they'd like to shorten sail. ~ Sterling Hayden 06/15/12 12:48:46

NN Development What a great day outside. I love it when the temp is in the 80's. It would be a perfect day for a boat ride somewhere. 06/14/12 10:46:02

Joe Tester Springtime weather in the rockys.. Love it! 03/21/12 8:18:45

Joe Tester What a nice day today.. 02/02/12 3:51:37

NN Development Howdy Everyone! 12/16/11 9:03:43

Ingred Spinner Going to Carpenteria for a little breakfast.. Love the beach there. 10/20/11 9:58:44

joe richie Hey Everyone, add your photos and your logs, lets make this thing work baby! 10/07/11 7:46:07

Ozzie Oxford San Pedro is where I am, yep 10/07/11 7:43:30

Master Boating, Inc. Hi I am new and this is my first cast on my net. Add me as your Mate :) 09/26/11 3:23:33

Ryan Smith Just purchased my new yacht! Sweet 09/24/11 1:25:22

Newport Marina boat show this weekend, be prepared 09/24/11 8:59:41

PV Marlin Sportfishing New boat pics coming per requests 09/23/11 1:53:55

PV Marlin Sportfishing New boat pics coming per requests 09/23/11 1:53:48

joe richie San Diego Marinas Prepare! 09/23/11 1:50:11

Joe Tester Howdy! 09/21/11 3:13:07

Boat Owner I dream of seeing this in real life: 09/19/11 7:18:26

Boat Owner The new pictures upload feature is faster now. I like to put pictures of my trips on here. Way cool 09/19/11 7:16:26

Nuevo Vallarta Marina Don't forget about the regatta this weekend. All members sign in in the marina office. 09/16/11 1:52:37

Theee Marina We are a new marina that opened in central California. Need a spot for your yacht? We got it! 09/16/11 1:49:57

joe richie Yea, I'm going to the coronados today! 09/16/11 1:25:51

Nuevo Vallarta Marina 32' to 65' slips now available for spring 09/12/11 1:10:28

Newport Marina We have a new 45' slip available, call for details 09/12/11 12:14:45

Newport Marina We have a new 45' slip available, call for details 09/12/11 12:14:40

Joe Tester Can I get a What What? 09/12/11 10:38:06

Joe Tester NauticalNet does everything I need to manage my boat. Boat Slips will be easy to find and the social aspect is awesome! Who thought boat logs could be so cool! 09/07/11 6:54:16

Nuevo Vallarta Marina World Class Berthing facilities in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 09/06/11 10:03:11

PV Marlin Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta fishing is going insane right now for both Giant yellowfin and blue and blacks. 09/04/11 8:21:49

PV Marlin Sportfishing Check out our new 32' Blackfin: 09/04/11 8:20:04

Tred Avon Yacht Club Pig Picking Picnic & Shields Fall Series on September 4th @ 5 PM 09/01/11 7:26:46

joe richie nice one!: 08/31/11 1:54:47

Jessica Shimartuf Hot day here, wow, anyone catching anything good today? 08/25/11 1:26:50

Jaxon, Inc. is really liking the easy way I can list my boating business here! 08/24/11 9:55:23

Marinara Jehosephat Adding boat slips is so easy and they show up in google really fast! I like the boat slip search also. 08/24/11 7:23:36

The Crab Shack Yummy Yummy Crab 08/24/11 7:19:57

joe richie Now thats alot of tuna: 08/23/11 6:05:29

joe richie jees - check those out: 08/23/11 6:05:03

joe richie Another nice striper!: 08/23/11 6:04:34

NN Development You are right, the mates area is way cool now! Also business names will show in the title and throughout if you have your company name set so make sure you fill that out in your profile section! 08/22/11 10:04:32

joe richie Man, I love my mates list! 08/22/11 9:47:21

Boat Owner Really cool new Mates page view! Love the Mate Blocks.. 08/22/11 9:32:59

Joe Tester Adding question marks is fun???? 08/22/11 8:05:36

Justin Tuttleneck Nice Striper!: 08/20/11 9:08:49

NauticalNet Demo Business And Sardines 08/20/11 9:01:28

NauticalNet Demo Business Yea Live Bait 08/20/11 9:00:34

NauticalNet Demo Business We have Tackle, Live bait, anything you need for your 4 hour or 4 day trip 08/20/11 8:59:23

Marinara Jehosephat NauticalNet is getting cooler and cooler every day! I like how I can tag my mates in my fishing and cruising boat logs. How fun 08/19/11 6:43:48

joe richie Nice Fish!: 08/19/11 2:06:50

Jessica Shimartuf Just another day.. another day in paradise.. 08/19/11 2:03:51

Bruce Lee Is thinking of going fishing in Carpenteria today.. Should be fun 08/18/11 2:06:10

Mike's Marina Hi everybody! Please come check out my Marina page for updates about our available slips and upcoming news and activities! 08/18/11 12:49:34

Jessica Shimartuf Just entering some boat logs. Fun trip to Catilina the other day.. woot woot! 08/18/11 9:54:36

scott jones Back to work for me 08/18/11 7:18:01

Joe Tester The message center is lookin really nice now.. great for boat owners and marinas to chat 08/17/11 8:15:52

Justin Tuttleneck Man I like that boat!: 08/16/11 8:16:03

The Crab Shack We're in Redondo beach marina, come down for happy hour and all you can eat crab on Wednesday! 08/13/11 9:19:33

joe richie Cabo is going crazy! 08/13/11 1:37:14

NauticalNet Demo Last year's was a blast: 08/10/11 10:02:07

NauticalNet Demo Dont forget about The annual Marina Concert on the 23rd of this month featuring world Famous Santana. See you all there! 08/10/11 9:58:08

Newport Marina A nice place to live: 08/10/11 9:46:41

joe richie nice one! : 08/08/11 9:21:13

Joe Tester test: 08/08/11 9:13:38

Ingred Spinner It is pretty neat that you can comment on your mates net now! 08/08/11 8:22:02

Joe Tester I am having a conversation with myself 08/08/11 6:14:59

NauticalNet Demo View 60ft slip below now available, move your mouse over the question mark for a description of the slip 08/08/11 3:38:11

NauticalNet Demo 60ft slip available now, check out the description 08/08/11 3:30:15

joe richie 750-800lbs: 08/08/11 1:33:47

joe richie 45 Cabo Yacht, 2007 sweet! 08/08/11 1:31:28

Justin Tuttleneck I like that yacht club! 08/07/11 11:25:39

Sample Yacht Club All Members please call in by Friday for annual banquet reservation 08/07/11 11:23:51

Sample Yacht Club There will be a member event starting August 22nd, comment back to RSVP 08/07/11 11:20:49

Sample Yacht Club Our Yacht club has chosen to use NauticalNet exclusively for all our organizational needs. Thanks NN 08/07/11 11:13:49

Newport Marina wheres my boat: 08/07/11 11:01:27

Cabo Charter Cabo fishing for blue and blacks is unparalleled right now! Give us a call! 08/07/11 10:39:59

scott jones Joe, I'll edit your maintenance log by tomorrow, need to get my notes 08/07/11 3:24:04

joe smith That is a sweet yacht, 09 right: 08/05/11 7:02:12

joe smith man this site is cool! 08/05/11 7:01:39

joe richie Are you sailing in the south pole or something: 08/05/11 6:57:39

Joe Tester Goood.. Goooood... Good Vibrations.. 08/05/11 3:10:23

joe richie not too shabby, where did you get that marlin: 08/04/11 11:57:16

Justin Tuttleneck To fish or to sail, that is the question 08/04/11 11:48:38

Justin Tuttleneck Anyone ever had an injector issue on 3126B Marine diesel Cats 08/04/11 11:44:12

joe richie Mike fishing for "golf" not "gold" my mistake. I'm headed out today for a half day fishing trip ..nice 08/04/11 11:41:35

joe richie Anyone going to the newport marina event 08/04/11 7:15:41

Harbor Slip Slidin Away... 08/04/11 7:15:06

Newport Marina We will be having an even this friday on dock 4a, anyone welcome to attend with a slip in our marina. Contact us for passes for friends and family 08/04/11 7:13:33

Yachts R Us Your mother was a snowblower! 08/04/11 6:22:18

Newport Marina Slip just opened, 45' call quickly 08/04/11 2:34:18

Mike Allen Gone fishin'. 08/03/11 8:45:19

Oceanside Harbor is really liking NauticalNet 08/03/11 6:41:33

Oceanside Harbor Anyone near Oceanside today 08/03/11 3:30:45

joe richie The quest for greater and bigger fish shall be embarked upon 08/03/11 2:07:22

joe richie Mike has gone fishing for his gold balls i think, fourrrrr 08/03/11 1:45:50

Joe Tester have you ever thought nautical ship logbooks could be so cool 08/02/11 12:47:31

Tred Avon Yacht Club Sails and Ales Social @ 5:30 on Friday, August 5th 08/02/11 11:21:11

Georges Yacht Brokerage Hope to see you all at the Newport Boat Show 08/02/11 9:24:54

joe richie I'll be there! : 08/02/11 8:15:24

Georges Yacht Brokerage We are having a private boat showing next month in September. We are sending this message out to all our mates to come down and check it out. Fun for the kids too. 08/02/11 7:39:36

Marina Diego Boat Slip Rental Search in Californa made Easy! 08/02/11 6:05:07

NauticalNet Demo Slips coming available this fall 08/02/11 4:15:47

PV Marlin Sportfishing Sushi Anyone: 08/02/11 3:29:36

PV Marlin Sportfishing Thats a nice fish!: 08/02/11 3:29:01

Mike Allen NauticalNet is really looking great! The slip-finder feature is so easy to use, it's awesome. 08/01/11 9:16:52

Hanks Fixit Shop Finding slips really couln't be easier than this.. List your slips here! 08/01/11 5:15:50

joe richie Ozzie Burns, nice yacht! 08/01/11 2:56:37

joe richie Newport Beach Marina has slips available now 07/30/11 9:46:28

joe richie Slip Search is awesome 07/29/11 10:09:56

Newport Marina 1 slip available for fall 07/29/11 10:06:55

Salty Peaks Marina We Have Slips! 07/29/11 6:22:31

Salty Peaks Marina I really like Marinas in California 07/29/11 4:02:20

joe richie Love these posts, lookin forward to commenting 07/29/11 3:40:36

Cabo Charter 50 off cabo charter 07/29/11 2:55:14

Cabo Charter test 07/29/11 2:42:03

Hanks Fixit Shop I am a business and I am throwing something on my net yo 07/29/11 2:34:42

Joe Tester I am a wize apple 07/29/11 2:33:57

Salty Peaks Marina I am a marina 07/29/11 2:33:27

joe richie i'll take that end slip: 07/29/11 1:04:58

joe richie nice, do you have any available for a 34' yacht 07/29/11 1:03:43

Joe Tester Uh Huh.. : 07/28/11 12:53:40

joe richie thats a nice pic!: 07/28/11 9:38:54

Hanks Fixit Shop aye brah... check out my new profile page.. just click on my name 07/27/11 6:15:40

joe richie captain captain 07/27/11 6:14:42

Ozzie Burns nice black in costa: 07/27/11 5:37:57

Ingred Spinner Oh what a beautiful morning.. Oh what a beautiful day.. 07/27/11 4:32:26

Ozzie Burns im new to nn, any help would be cool awesome site! 07/27/11 4:25:37

NN Development There are some new additions to your home which is now called Dashboard.. yeah.. I can fly 07/27/11 4:04:49

joe richie Looking for a captain 07/27/11 2:13:59

Juans Boat Repair Thanks nn for allowing me the ability to connect with my customers 07/27/11 2:01:55

joe richie Cool, I see the plan for update access on your boat, then those same crew members can edit logs, nice 07/26/11 2:11:22

joe richie Anyone Know water temp at catalina 07/25/11 11:20:05

NN Development I think we need a two week long trip to Sunset Cliffs in San Diego 07/21/11 8:19:35

Boat Owner Oh how sweet it is to be logged by you 07/21/11 6:42:24

Jessica Shimartuf love the new boating fishing logs look 07/20/11 12:03:34

Justin Tuttleneck Fuel Logs work well 07/20/11 8:25:32

joe richie im not reading my own words 07/19/11 12:28:58

joe richie no your not 07/19/11 12:27:32

joe richie no your not 07/19/11 12:27:27

Mike Allen I'm currently reading my own words. 07/19/11 12:25:22

joe richie Man, these are really cool logs, thanks guys! Always wanted to share photo albums like these 07/19/11 9:31:19

Cabo Charter business net, businesses do not get messages 07/18/11 2:52:34

Mike Allen This site is reeeaaally coming together! 07/17/11 3:31:59

joe richie iPad test 07/15/11 2:30:07

Boat Owner Love these logs, they just keep getting better. Fuel logs are up now. 07/14/11 6:58:44

Justin Tuttleneck ok this is my net 07/14/11 4:04:10

Jessica Shimartuf I just added my first boat log with pictures and even tagged a few mates! 07/13/11 7:08:38

Boat Owner Black and White Coolness: 07/13/11 6:48:02

Ingred Spinner Just Me!: 07/12/11 12:11:43

Hanks Fixit Shop Cool new log search for fishing and cruising 07/12/11 8:47:57

Hayden Reid so excited to help out my good friend boat owner 07/12/11 4:45:14

Randal Jinkens Whoever thought of this site is a genius! 07/12/11 4:16:20

joe richie My net is da beast 07/12/11 3:47:02

joe richie Yea it is! 07/12/11 3:45:05

Ingred Spinner Nice day after all that rain yesterday. Lovely 07/11/11 7:06:21

Joe Tester now we can comment on photos and rate the photos and comments.. 07/11/11 6:45:42

Mike Allen Nauticalnet is awesome! 07/10/11 10:26:35

Mike Allen my net is bigger than your net 07/09/11 3:48:24

Jessica Shimartuf Having fun with this new boating social networking site. 07/08/11 6:44:15

Ingred Spinner Anybody up for lunch at On the Waterfront Cafe in LA 07/08/11 6:00:13

Justin Tuttleneck is this joe tester's net 07/08/11 2:25:09

Ingred Spinner Just having too much fun in @ Telemar Bay Marina in Florida 07/07/11 10:23:25

Boat Owner Put a new pic of my canoe on today 07/07/11 10:14:50

Joe Tester Sweet! Only one day before the weekend. Oh wait, I'll be working on the weekend. Sometimes it is not the thought that counts ha ha . 07/07/11 5:06:29

Justin Tuttleneck just another test, will be real soon 07/06/11 4:16:03

joe richie anyone going to catalina tomorrow 07/02/11 3:55:30

NN Development Cool photo albums and you can tag your photos with a longitude and latitude coords!! Sweetness 07/01/11 6:31:48

Hanks Fixit Shop anyone up for Azure Seas in Oceanside for lunch 07/01/11 6:26:29

Hanks Fixit Shop Is thinking that it is time to hit the water sometime soon 07/01/11 3:39:03

joe richie hello 06/29/11 5:10:52

Joe Tester These boat logs are going to be so cool 06/28/11 6:20:58

Kennessa Malan Hot day...wishing we were out on the water! 06/28/11 6:02:53

Joe Tester All that and a bag of chaps.. 06/27/11 11:51:15

NN Development One of the coolest sites on the nautical net! 06/27/11 10:52:47

Boat Owner And the heat keeps on coming! I am really diggin this site. New updates every day! 06/27/11 10:01:27

Boat Owner Nice day here, a bit warmer than I like though. 06/24/11 8:21:56

Ingred Spinner Is just checking this out with my iPad.. Pretty slick 06/24/11 4:39:59

NN Development Yeah.. I can fly 06/24/11 2:28:40

joe smith this too 06/24/11 2:20:29

joe smith so is this 06/24/11 2:19:22

joe smith this is a test 06/24/11 2:17:46

joe smith this is a test 06/24/11 2:17:04

Kennessa Malan I am aboard! Hello World! 06/24/11 2:13:35

Boat Owner I am still having fun phbttttt 06/24/11 1:34:02

Boat Owner I am having so much fun on my boat! 06/24/11 1:26:00

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